Science & Technology in Action:

Science and Technology in Action is a multi-media resource for science teachers. The first four editions were distributed to all second-level schools in Ireland in 2005 (First Edition), 2006 (Second Edition), 2007 (Third Edition), 2008 (Fourth Edition) 2009 (Fifth Edition), 2010 (Sixth Edition), 2011 (Seventh and current edition).

The folders, CD and website now contain over one hundred lessons each of which focuses on  the activities of a leading Irish organization and is related to a topic on the school science curriculum.

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Spirit of Enterprise:

Spirit of Enterprise website is a multi-media resource for teachers of enterprise education. The accompanying folder and CD containing all teaching resources were distributed to all second level schools in Ireland in 2005 (First Edition), 2006 (Second Edition), 2007 (Third Edition), 2008 (Fourth Edition) 2009 (Fifth Edition), 2010 (Sixth Edition), 2011 (Seventh and current edition).

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The objective of ESTABLISH is the dissemination and use of an inquiry-based teaching method for science with second level students (age 12-18 years) on a large scale in Europe by creating authentic learning environments, involving all stakeholders to drive change in the classroom.

Over the course of the project, a number of ESTABLISH Teaching and Learning Inquiry Based Science Education (IBSE) units will be developed and adapted for use in classrooms across Europe. Further information on these units together with other deliverables from the project can be found here.

The ESTABLISH group of over 60 partners from 11 European countries will work together on this four year project to encourage and promote the more widespread use of Inquiry-Based Science Education (IBSE) in second level schools.

If you would like to contact us with general comments or inquiries please contact us here.

ESTABLISH: Bringing together the stakeholders to influence classroom practice

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Nursing Home Directory and Website:

We are Ireland’s most comprehensive nursing homes website and directory, listing exclusively all registered and approved nursing home providers.

This is the site to visit, when thinking of choosing a Nursing Home for your loved ones or yourself. You can be assured that only Nursing Homes whether private or voluntary, which follow the Healthcare Sector’s guidelines and are State approved, will appear in our listings.

Our annual Nursing Homes Directory is distributed directly to all Registered Nursing Homes in Ireland, Geriatrician’s, Hospital Bed Managers & Discharge Planners, Matrons, Nursing Home Principals, Social Workers, Public Health Nurses, GPs, all regional offices and Associations linked with the care of the Elderly or related illnesses.

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