Science & Technology in Action


Science and Technology in Action (STA)is designed to support the teaching and learning of science curricula and related subjects. It is available in hard copy, CD and on-line at and is delivered free of charge to all second level schools in Ireland.

The resource presents accessible and functional material for use in the classroom. The teaching materials which accompany each lesson are designed for use in multiple modes – inquiry based learning, problem based learning, cooperative learning, reflection, individual assignments, team projects etc.

It is also aimed at promoting the critical Science and Technology in Society agenda, which is a major theme of the school science curricula. For example, the Leaving Certificate Physics Syllabus states that:

STS is an integral part of the syllabus …, so that students can place physics within the everyday world. Students, through their study of physics, should develop a critical awareness of the limitations of, and constraints on, physics. Therefore, as citizens, they can contribute constructively to the development of their society on social, economic and environmental issues….’

 The Chemistry and Biology syllabi express similar sentiments. The Technology syllabus states that:

‘In a rapidlychanging global society, students need to appreciate that technological capability is necessary and relevant for all aspects of living and working. Many subjects can contribute to the development of a technological capability. However, the technology subjects, which incorporate the principles of design and realisation in a creative manner, are central to this development.’

In European education systems Science and Technology in Society is seen as critical in stimulating public support for the sciences and for economic capacity-building. STA promotes these objectives, while also providing material directly related to the official syllabi, and so presents a flexible portfolio of material for teachers and students.

STA is produced in close cooperation with the support services of the Department of Education and Skills and the Irish Science Teachers Association (ISTA).